An e-learning course focusing on the theoretical aspect of the medicine handling course, which is obligatory for all who are about to handle medicine in domestic animal production, no matter if it is for horses, pigs, cows, poultry, mink or other production animals.

The course is offered in collaboration with your general veterinarian who is also responsible for the theoretical and practical aspect of the medicine handling course.

MSD 360 Medicine Handling consists of 25 e-learning courses, each of which is completed by a test. When all courses are passed, a certificate is issued.





An e-learning course focusing on the various aspects of swine production including welfare, diseases, feed and management. The course is targeted at people who want to improve their skills within and knowledge of swine production, and can be used as a supplement to farmer education, on-the-job training or as further education.

MSD 360 Swine University consists of 100 e-learning courses that are categorized in content modules based on areas of interest. Each course will end with a test. When all courses in a module are passed, a module certificate is issued. When all 8 modules are undertaken and passed, a master certificate is issued.




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